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At essence of Nutrition we have guidance for every sport and every stages of life. Whatever your goals are we are there to guide you to achieve your goals.

As a premium Nutrition service provider, we only believe in scientific approaches towards one’s health and wellness. We do not believe in ‘short-cuts’ and rely only on discipline and persistence. It is always preferred to start the Nutrition plan with a current blood report so that all the aspects of your health are taken care simultaneously. On the first day of counseling an elaborate discussion on your Goals, Clinical conditions, Exercise or training pattern, food habit is discussed and a diet suggestion is given. The food pattern changes after a particular time period based on improvement or changes in lifestyle like travel, change of job shifts, changes in training or exercise pattern or competition in case of athletes.

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Sports nutrition

Nutrition is the most important factor in fueling an athlete’s performance. It is of utmost importance to provide the right amount of Energy, Protein, Fat and Micro Nutrients via food and safe supplementation at the right time of the day. At Essence of Nutrition we understand your goals and work together with the coach or trainer to help you achieve your goals. The Food schedule is tailor-made as per your sports, training levels, intensity, duration and most importantly your blood parameters.

Clinical nutrition

Nutrition has a direct impact on your health and blood parameters. Various Metabolic disorders like- Heart disease, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertension can be managed and many times cured by right food choices. Even proper nutrition has a positive effect on various endocrine disorders like hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism; GI tract disorders like IBS, Pancreatitis, Gall bladder disorders, Fatty Liver, GERD; Kidneys disease, Asthma and even cancer. Our Qualified Dietitian having profound clinical knowledge will guide and motivate you to eat right and improve your clinical conditions.

Weight Management

Our Nutrient store in the body is directly related to our weight. We believe that a ‘Fit’ body and ‘Healthy Mind’ with right blood parameters are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. With the right food psychology, right timing and necessary quantity of food & water as per the body’s requirement a healthy body weight can be achieved.

Genetic nutrition

Nutrigenomics refer to the relationship between human genome, Food and our health. A cutting-edge genetic saliva testing helps to understand how our genes allow the foods that we consume to metabolize and be utilized in the body. We integrate the genetic reports in your Nutrition plan and provide the required combination of nutrients to maximize your wellness.

Holistic Nutrition

Eat right as per your potential. At Essence of Nutrition we help you understand your potential and maintain a healthy eating pattern by eating local, clean, healthy and unprocessed foods. The holistic Nutrition plan will help you to understand your body and what kind of foods suit your body, so that you can follow the right kind of food habit throughout your life.

Nutrition for Women’s Health:

Women it is time to give yourself some time and take care of yourself.

PCOD nutrition

Now a days due to improper food habits, usage of hormones in various food items or improper utensil usage women are developing various health conditions at a very young age. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition in women that causes irregular or painful periods, mood swings, depression, obesity, type 2 diabetes and various other complications. The right choice of food helps to reduce and sometime cure this condition. We help to motivated women especially young adolescent girls to adopt a healthy lifestyle without developing a body image issue.

Pregnancy nutrition

At this special moment of women’s life a wholesome Nutrition helps the baby to grow and develop. The pregnancy Nutrition plan helps both the mother and the child to reach an optimum nutritional status. This Nutrition plan has been designed to reduce digestive disorders, prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy Nutrition

After giving birth the baby receives all the nourishment from the mother via mother’s milk. Hence it is of utmost importance to keep the Nutrition optimum during breast feeding period. Be it during breastfeeding or weight loss post pregnancy we help you to achieve your goal with the right nutrition approach

Nutrition During Menopause

Menopause is a time when due to various hormonal changes the certain nutrient need of a women’s body increases. We help you to keep a balance between your intake and expenditure so that you can get through this bumpy phase of your life rather smoothly.

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  • Private Nutrition Consultations
  • Group Nutrition consultations for sports academies
  • Menu planning for residential sport academies
  • Nutrition Seminars and workshops